Here we will discuss top 5 ways to earn $100/day online at home. Nowadays everybody wants to earn money of their own and don’t want to be dependent on anyone. specially Teenagers wants to earn money because of their daily needs. Everyone want to live life to the fullest and in today’s world it is possible only if you have money in your pocket. And if you have money in your pocket then the world is yours. If you are just thinking and dreaming of earning and doing nothing that means you are lazy but if you are reading this article you will definitely do something of your own and will start earning on your own and will not be dependent on anyone.


There are many benefits of earning online in today’s world. Because you are independent if you earn yourself and will get financially independent which is necessary nowadays. You don’t have any pressure of anyone to work for them. what you will have if earn money online :

  • You’ll get more time to do your other hobbies.
  • You can work anytime you want.
  • You can work from anywhere you want work.
  • You’ll have no restrictions.
  • Don’t have pressure of work from anyone.
  • You’ll have more time.

So, Considering above points now you understand the benefits of earning online. Continue reading this article to know the ways to earn online.


Many peoples have this same question that which is best online earning or a finding a job?. Everyone knows that job is important for you and everyone tries to get a job and to become stable in their lifes. Yes it is good to have a job and become stable in your life because everyone have this mentality and have pressures not only from parents but also from the society. But in my opinion job is good but if you are earning online you don’t need a job!

Because many peoples are switching from jobs to earn online because they get to know and got experience from the job that earning online is far better than a 9 – 5 job. Because you have restrictions if you have a job and don’t get spare time to do your other hobbies. As I mentioned above the benefits of online earning you also get to know this and will understand why earning online is a great way as compared to a job. Because in job you have to do whatever your boss says or whatever work you got and there is no other way to get out from this situation you have to do the given work properly. Where as if you have your own way to work and earning online you can do anything you want to do without any fear. You will get sufficient time to got out , work on yourself , do your hobbies etc. Therefore online earning is way better than a job!


How can you start an Amazon FBA business? This article elaborates on this in detail and walks through all vital steps to become a successful Amazon FBA seller. If you are starting your business, you are in the right place to find out more about an Amazon FBA business. Let’s get started.

1. Create a Business Plan

To start an Amazon FBA business, you have to have a plan in place to ensure everything is on the right track. A business plan should include your business mission, market analysis, products and services, marketing and sales, and the financial plan, etc.

There are a lot of things you need to know. You have to research the market, check the trends, get to know your competitors, and figure out what kind of products you want to sell, and how much you want to spend on product sourcing, marketing, and the promotion. Try to create a rough plan for your business schedule, and the relevant business activities.

2. Find Your Niche

To sell on Amazon FBA, you need to find a perfect niche as it matters to your success. To have a profitable business, you need to do market research and find relevant trendy and competitive products that align with your passion and interests. A perfect niche is very important for your business.

Get to know the product trend, and study its emotional impact, practical value, visibility, and recognition. Try to find the selling point or create a new trendy selling point to make it viral on the market. We strongly suggest you do not involve seasonal and the fragile products.

3. Start Market Research

Once you determine your niche, you have to verify it on the market with the market research. Keep track of competitor sales over a period of time. Tracking your competitors will give you a more realistic view of the market, niche, or segment.

Another idea is to communicate with the several suppliers or customers to get to know their sentiments for the products; you could use a survey.

If you confirm that the sales numbers are consistent in the market, you can take your plan to next step. In a stable market, you can move forward based on your plan.

4. Identify Product Suppliers

Once you determine your niche, you have to find your product supplier. There are several ways to find supplier info. You can find suppliers on Indiamart other B2B platforms.

You could also search on Google or get contacts with the suppliers at the trade shows. Trade shows are a great way for you to have a brief communication with the supplier and get to know their products. You can also visit suppliers to find the supplier based on the industry distribution.

You have to contact these suppliers to find the best one for you. Send emails, make phone calls, and visit the suppliers. Try to avoid the scammers and identify the best one.

Get to know the sample products, the price, and the minimum order quantity (MOQ), the order limit, product quality, shipping charges, and their capacity, etc.

Try to figure out the payment options and the payment terms for your quote. Find the best one for you; narrow down your options based on your requirements.

Remember to order samples so you can see the product’s quality. Check the product by yourself or use professional quality inspectors before you choose your supplier.

5. Place Orders

Once you have chosen your supplier, you need to place an order.

Normally, the first order should not be large. You can place a small order and use it to test the market and get relevant feedback from the customers. Testing like this is a great way to know the market with your products.

Remember to stay in regular contact with your supplier to avoid misunderstandings and get product manufacturing updates. Try to keep the key specifications in black and white and be timely with any revisions.

Product quality inspection should be in place when you place an order. Try to inspect the raw material, processes in the production line, and the finished products before shipping.

6. Register an Amazon Account

If you don’t have an Amazon seller account, you have to register as an Amazon seller account first. There are two types of account available – individual seller or pro seller. Firstly you have to create and amazon seller account then proceed to the next step.

7. Create Product Listing

You have to create the product listings to add your items on to the platform. There are many parts to creating your listing. You have to include clear and the hig resolution images. Make sure your products are “Prime eligible” and enjoy the free shipping options for prime members. If you do not have many items, you can list them manually. If you have many items, you can upload a spreadsheet that contains each of your items.

8. Manage Your Inventory

Amazon FBA sellers have to pay special attention to their inventory. Inventory levels are extremely important. Try to manage and replenish your inventory properly. It is imperative for you to ensure you have enough to sell and keep your product inventory level available for your market and the sales.

Your inventory level will decrease automatically on Amazon as orders are placed. Ensure your inventory level will be updated regularly to show the availability of the item on your product listing page. You can use a sophisticated system to integrate your sales and inventory data.

If you see that the item is going to run out of stock, try to change your marketing plan and place orders from the suppliers to replenish your inventory level.

9. Follow up for Customer Reviews

As we know, customers are likely to refer to the feedback left by other buyers who have bought the item before. Amazon customer reviews are important for your business. It is the credibility that you’ve built among your target customers.

These testimonials are social proofs for your business and products. As a result, you need to follow up on shopping experience of the buyer so that they leave their feedback.

There are many ways for you to do this. You can write emails to the customers to get to know their comments about your products and services.

You can build your social media account and try to get the customer feedback on social media platform.

Try to get more positive feedback to increase your sales and conversions.

10. Optimize Product Listings

Try to monitor your sales performance and get to know your business within market. Optimize your product listings to increase website traffic and to boost sales.

Optimization should be a continuous process for the Amazon sellers.

Start with the keyword. Research and find relevant keywords and insert them into your product titles, features, descriptions, etc. Try to leverage Amazon algorithm and make it work for your business.

The relevancy of the keywords of your products matters to your product visibility and sales. You can use Google keyword Planner to help you identify the keywords of your products.

Images are important too. You are allowed to use 5-7 images of the product from different angles and contexts and to display the size, feature, and designs of your products. Try to make it clear and appealing to customers.

When it comes to product features, always display the most important info that the customers want to know. Put yourself into the shoes of the shoppers, show the value of your products, and include the warranty and the guarantees of your offerings.


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