Vampires Are Real ?

Many peoples are talking about Vampires and their existence in old times.

What are Vampires ? Are Vampires real ? Do they live between us ? OR We are the vampires ?

we humans have so many questions about existence of Vampires. So lets begin this interesting article and study about the vampires and then we will reach to our conclusion.


A vampire is a mythical creature that subsists by feeding on the vital essence of the living. In European folklore, vampires are undead creatures that often visited loved ones and caused mischief or deaths in the neighbourhoods which they inhabited while they were alive.


Jure Grando Alilović or Giure Grando (1579–1656) was a villager from the region of Istria (in modern-day Croatia) who may have been the first real person described as a vampire in historical records. He was referred to as a štrigon, a local word for something resembling a vampire and a warlock.\


So, The story begins with my friend who was watching a series on Netflix known as “TVD (THE VAMPIRE DIARIES)” and I asked him about the series and he answered in an interesting and excited way about the series and I too got excited.

So, I started watching the series and got extremely addicted to it. I was thinking about the vampires so badly and I keep searching about this on google and get to know so much about the vampires and I will be sharing my knowledge with you in this article.

And I am so excited to write this article about vampires and I bet you will also become a “VAMPIRE” fan. So Lets get started.


After researching so much about this topic i came to know that the Vampires are NOT REAL and the vampires are REAL . ARE YOU CONFUSED ? ofcourse you are ! and sincerely me too was confused. And I started thinking that vampires are not real because of some articles and I was really so much disappointed . But I had done many research and get to know many things and the research changed my mind and started to believe that vampires are real.

I’ll show you some proofs about the existence of vampires :

3. Venice Vampire

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The plague hit Venice, Italy hard in the 1500s, partly owing to the close quarters of the city’s construction, partly its popularity as a center of trade, and partly because it was … the plague. However, one of its interesting artifacts feeds directly into the timeline of vampire mythology, with this Venetian woman, whose grave was uncovered in 2006.

In a mass grave of plague victims, one particular skeleton stood out. A brick had been jammed directly through her teeth and into her jaw, a known custom of vampire exorcism in Europe at the time. While some researchers believe that the brick fell in after burial, others such as the excavator, Matteo Borrini, confidently point to it as early archaeological evidence of a confirmed vampire.


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In Jewish Folklore as old as 2,000 years ago or more, Lilith is a fascinating figure. In texts such as the Alphabet of Sirach, written around 800 A.D. and the Dead Sea Scrolls dated to around 40 B.C., Lilith is the first wife of Adam, before Eve. She was created simultaneously with him, from the same mortal clay, as opposed to Eve, who was created later from Adam’s rib.

During the Middle Ages, the legend of Lilith continued to grow, detailing how she not only refused to be Adam’s subservient but also how she left Eden and got in good with Samael, an archangel.

Her name is ancient Babylonian, a name for female demons and spirits. They believed that she remembered being human and still snuck into houses and victimized wives, then taking their place.


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The oldest vampire is Sekhmet. She was a warrior goddess in ancient Egypt. Though the term “vampire” would not have been used, this feline monster lady fits the bill and historians often consider her to be the first ancient vampire tale.

Sekhmet was not only a warrior goddess but a god of death and healing as well, the combination creating a definite feeling of similarity with vampire folklore (eternal death and eternal life at the same time). Her father, the sun god, Ra, sent Sekhmet to punish mankind for their unfaithful, disobedient habits, by slaughtering them. As she killed people, Sekhmet drank human blood to give herself power.


I don’t know what to say here but think they don’t because every living being is afraid of humans in my opinion because we are the most intelligent being on the earth! Yes They can live in jungle or any other unknows places we don’t know.

Because we didn’t explored everything in this world there are many unexplored things that we don’t know about. Like we didn’t explored most part of the sea we don’t know about the depth of the sea and what’s in the depth of the sea.

So we can’t say that we know everything because we don’t. So it is possible that vampires are real and living between us or may be not.


source :–474285404515987707/

I know you are laughing and this sounds ridiculous but it can be real in some cases or some specific peoples/religion/region. As we all know that we are evolved from our ancestors and we are now human being the most intelligent being on the entire earth.

So, It can be possible that the vampires are also evolved in humans. I know this sounds different and unreal but….. We don’t know and science also don’t know this because there is no research on it. Researchers found many skeletons and says that it is the vampire skeleton and it looks like humans skeletons also so you know what I am talking about. There is a possibility of some humans being vampires and evolved now.


So, We are at the last point of the article and hopefully you read the full article and thanks for giving your time to this article.

After reading and researching about all the vampires I think they could be real. I have gained so much believe and proofs also of existence of vampires. After reading this article you also started to believe the existence. Because in my opinion human can do or say what they can imagine or seen in their life. We imagine in our mind because we have seen that somewhere or have knowledge related to that particular thing.

I have shared my opinions on the existence of vampires after studying and researching on it and collecting information from the internet. I have collected information form the trusted sources only.



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